2017 Fiat Linea

The new 2017 Fiat Linea, as well as upcoming Punto, will use the same platform. That means vehicles will share many features. However, different styling and unique parts will make each of them interesting in another way. The new car is about to be very economical. Also, we will see an Italian touch in design. Of course, the exterior is going to be stylish, and fans will enjoy in the comfortable and pleasant interior. Changes compared to the previous edition are modest, but still enough to refresh the lineup with the new version.

2017 Fiat Linea

2017 Fiat Linea platform

The Fiat X6H and X6S are two concepts which best suit to Punto and new Linea. So, we believe one of them will be used as the base for the upcoming vehicle. The highlight is a lightweight design, making the 2017 Fiat Linea more fuel-friendly. On the other hand, this car is not delivering high amounts of power, although its design could make you conclude it. The comfortable interior will offer the latest infotainment systems. Also, safety is on the highest level, making the 2017 Linea very secure for families. Finally, touch-screen display is the part of the offer, as well as the very good audio system.

2017 Fiat Linea back

2017 Fiat Linea engine

Under the hood of 2017 Fiat Linea will be two options. The base unit is a 1.3-l drivetrain. This source of energy can deliver 95 hp and 120 lb-ft of torque. This is a good result for vehicle in this segment. This diesel powertrain will also have an excellent rate of the fuel economy. It will be better than its alternative can offer. Nevertheless, a 1.4-l unit can make more power. With 120 horses, it is a significant improvement, but its torque is significantly lower. Both units will offer automatic and manual transmission. Base models will use a 5-speed manual, while the 6-pace auto is optional. There is a third possibility with the 1.8-l 4-cylinder drivetrain, which is the least likely to appear on new Linea.

2017 Fiat Linea dashboard

2017 Fiat Linea trims

There will be three trim levels available for new 2017 Fiat Linea. Base units will come as the Active version. The mid-range car is a Dynamic, and top of the class is a Linea Emotion. The last one is the most expensive and brings various features and packages.

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