2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon

Those who search for a great balance between price and quality will find 2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon as a very good deal. Simply, this model offers everything you need from a station wagon. It features attractive price and plenty of equipment already in base variant. Another great thing about this car is space. Interior of this wagon features more space than most of the cars from this class, especially when it comes to cargo capacity. Also, it offers attractive and eye-catching styling, both outside and inside. Finally, there is a whole palette of engines in offer, including three gasoline and two diesel options.

2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon design and features

2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon front viewThe 2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon is a new model from Italian car maker, which comes based on the hatchback version that also came recently. It will ride on the same platform and feature most of the characteristics the same, both in mechanical and visual aspect. This station wagon comes in the same design language as hatchback, featuring completely the same front end. Same thing is inside, where 2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon comes with same interior, and pretty much same equipment. Despite not so exciting interior design, there is one amazing thing. This model features one of the most spacious cabins in class. Not only comes with plenty of space for the passengers, but 2017 Tipo Wagon also comes with the probably largest cargo space in class. It also comes with plenty of standard features already in base variant, which comes with very attractive price.

2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon interior2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon engines

The 2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon comes with several engines in offer. Base model features a 1.4 liter gasoline engine, which is good for about 94 horsepower. Same engine is also available with turbocharger. In this variant it is good for about 120 horsepower and features much better performances. There is also a 1.6 liter unit, which is good for about 110 horsepower and comes in pair with 6-speed automatic transmission. There are also two diesel variants in offer. The first one is 1.3 liter MultiJet, which has max output of 95 horses and comes with 5-speed manual transmission. Another one is 1.6 liter MulitJet unit, which makes 120 horses and comes with 6-speed manual gearbox.

2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon rear view2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon price

The 2017 Fiat Tipo Wagon features very attractive price. Base model goes around 17.000 dollars, while top models can go up to 25.000 dollars.

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