2017 Fiat Toro

There is still a chance for all fans to see 2017 Fiat Toro before the end of the year. Since this vehicle is not so attractive for US buyers, rumors about its development are somehow quiet. Nevertheless, buyers in Brazil will be happy to hear that vehicle is in plans. So, even if the delay happens, they will wait with the purchase of their favorite truck. Information about Toro pickup is savory. From what we could hear, the vehicle is worth of waiting. Changes are not big, but the refresh is notable.

2017 Fiat Toro

2017 Fiat Toro engine

Among pieces of information, there are some details about the engine of the truck. Compact pickup will be able to generate 140 hp from the 1.8-l 4-cylinder unit. This drivetrain will give enough power to tow on and off the road. Better traction comes from all-wheel drive system, while the front-wheel drive is set by default. Energy distribution goes through 6-speed automatic gearbox. With this combination, new Toro can go 120 mph. Although powerful, it is not so pacey. Truck accelerates to 100 kph in 10 seconds. The result is not so impressive, but utility vehicle’s first function is to tow.

2017 Fiat Toro concept

2017 Fiat Toro design

One thing is sure – Toro is built on the same 4×4 platform as the Scrambler from Jeep. Cooperation of two company results in the larger pickup. However, 2017 Fiat Toro remains in the compact segment. Not only that buyers will be able to pick drive systems, but also trim levels. The various addition will make the truck more attractive. The new Toro can take up to 5 passengers, and according to bosses, this is going to be close to luxurious class. Some of the extra features are chrome details outside and inside the vehicle and premium wheels. We also know that skid plates are going to be innovative. As there is some information about the exterior, the design of the cabin is a mystery. There is no clue about what we will find there.

2017 Fiat Toro side

2017 Fiat Toro price

Most of the enthusiasts, experts, and fans know that Fiat’s main advantage is the price. Cars are quality, durable, and comfortable, but the lack of luxurious features give them chance to purchase it for less than competitors. It is about to change with 2017 Fiat Toro. The price tag of $35,000 shows that bosses are not joking when saying this pickup is close to luxurious class.

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