2018 Abarth 124 WRC

The 2018 Abarth 124 WRC is another version of Fiat’s roadster that came recently. As you probably know, Italian manufacturer released completely new sports car that is based on latest version of Mazda’s legendary MX-5 Miata model. New Fiat 124 comes in several variants and the latest one is for rally conditions. It will be a high-performance car, which will come with plenty of modification that will improve overall performances significantly. It will come not only with plenty of power, but also with several design, mechanical and visual modifications, which will give completely character to the car. This new 2018 124 WRC should come somewhere next year, although there is still no official confirmation.

2018 Abarth 124 WRC design and features

2018 Abarth 124 WRC front viewThe 2018 Abarth 124 WRC will be a completely new version of company’s new roadster that came recently. Compared to base model, which was very well accepted both by the crowd and experts, this one will come with many modifications. First thing that you will notice is the fixed composite hard-top that comes instead of canvas roof. This basically makes 2018 Abarth 124 WRC a coupe. However, mechanical aspect of this modification is much more important, because it offers better weight distribution. Most of other visual details are shared with standard model, but there are still several unique characteristics. At the front, you will notice a modified grille, new for lights, air intakes etc. There are also things like special paint schemes, unique rims etc. When it is about interior, company didn’t release photos yet. So, we can only presume that there will be several modifications compared to standard model.

2018 Abarth 124 WRC engine

2018 Abarth 124 WRC rear viewThe 2018 Abarth 124 WRC will get completely new powertrain. Instead of 1.4 liter unit, we will see a larger 1.8 liter gasoline engine, which will come with support of a turbocharger. Total output should be over 300 horsepower, which should be more than enough to provide excellent performances. When it comes to transmission, this car will come with six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters and a mechanical slip differential.

2018 Abarth 124 WRC release date

The 2018 Abarth 124 WRC will be a great addition in company’s lineup, especially for all rally lovers, which should find this model very attractive. This version should come somewhere next year, but more precise details about launch date and price are still unknown.

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