2018 Alfa Romeo Mito

Since company introduced a facelifted version recently, 2018 Alfa Romeo Mito should come without some bigger changes. As you probably know, this model started several new things in company such as design language, naming policy etc. It came way back in 2008, and since we won’t see a redesign for few years more, company introduced an updated version. There are several new things on it and 2018 Mito will surely continue in the same manner, featuring all the changes we saw recently. There are some updates on exterior design, some new things inside, while powertrain remains pretty unchanged.

2018 Alfa Romeo Mito redesign and features

2018 Alfa Romeo Mito front viewAs we already mentioned, company did a facelift recently, for 2017 model year. So, it is hard to believe that some major changes could come already for the 2018 Alfa Romeo Mito. Moreover, we doubt that some bigger changes will come until redesign, which is expected in next few two or three years. So, we will see the same exterior look that includes several new things. The first thing that you’ll notice it refreshed front end, where 2018 Alfa Romeo Mito features new grille and new bumper. Also, there are badges that resemble the type that company uses for new Giulia sedan. When it is about interior, there are also several new things. Its top trim, Veloce, comes with new sporty bucket seats. For the 2018 Mito, we could also see some new standard features for each trim level, but it is still early to speculate about these things.

2018 Alfa Romeo Mito interior2018 Alfa Romeo Mito engines

When it is about engines, things will remain the same. The 2018 Alfa Romeo Mito will be available in several variants, with both gasoline and diesel engines. Pretty much all gasoline versions feature the same 1.4 liter engine. This which comes in output range between 75 and 170 horsepower. Pretty much same thing is with diesels. There is a 1.3 liter engine that comes in several variants, but there is also a 1.6 liter engine with around 120 horsepower. There is also an LPG version, with max power of 120 horses.

2018 Alfa Romeo Mito rear view2018 Alfa Romeo Mito release date

The exact date of launch is still unknown. However, we expect 2018 Alfa Romeo Mito to arrive somewhere in late 2017.

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