2018 Chrysler Imperial

As we already mentioned several times, there are many companies around that are bringing back their classic model nameplates, probably in order to improve their sales, and 2018 Chrysler Imperial is rumored one too. We all remember this iconic nameplate, which was in use for so many years. Original model came way back in 1926 and it was in production since 1993. Also, there is a concept from 2006, when company presented a possible future model. However, it all stayed in concept form and we still wait to see new Imperial. According to many rumors, this nameplate could comeback very soon. According to some reports, it could come already in a year or two, as 2018 Imperial.

2018 Chrysler Imperial facts

2018 Chrysler Imperial front viewWe will introduce you a brief history of this legendary nameplate. This is one of the best-known nameplates from Chrysler. Original model came way back in 1926. It was a completely new full-size luxury car, which will be produced for many decades. With this nameplate, this luxury car was in production until 1954, when company decided to offer Imperial as a separate make. During this first period, we have seen six generations of it. Under Imperial badge, this model was in production until 1983. We also have seen six generation during this second period. After a seven-year brake, this model came back, once again as Chrysler in 1990. However, it was in production for only three years. Finally, 13 years later we saw a concept car, but it never ended as a production model. Now we are waiting to see what will happen with 2018 Chrysler Imperial.

2018 Chrysler Imperial rear view2018 Chrysler Imperial production

There are many rumors about 2018 Chrysler Imperial, and many of them are present for some longer period. It looks like new model will come soon, but we still don’t know exactly its design characteristics. For now, we are sure that it will be a full-size luxury car, which indicate that it could use an LX platform. Company already use this platform for another large car called 300. So, these two models should share many design characteristics, especially in mechanical aspect. When it comes to visual appearance, new model could use some details from 2006 Concept as inspiration. However, if we consider that this concept is about 10 years old, we are pretty sure that many solutions will be completely new. We expect similar things inside.

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3 Responses to 2018 Chrysler Imperial

  1. B Pastos says:

    would love to see a Chrysler Imperial in a rich brown color with a light brown and dark stitching on leather seats, (300s) model or not but it would look beautiful. cant find the right color in the 2017 need something new.

  2. kenton shafer sr says:

    Thank you for the new chrysler imperial.Chrysler is the forward thinkers in todays automobile market.What a show of dilitary on the other automobile makers.shame on all of them.
    I want the new imperial and the new crossover 4×4 and again a few steps above the current manufacturers.Both automobiles will drive Chryslers profits through the roof.
    A great big HORRAAAY Chrysler.I shall buy the chrysler imperial.

  3. kenton shafer sr says:

    The classic doors opening are old school last seen on thee Ford thunderbird.
    Wow someone at Chrysler has their brilliand cap on.

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