2018 Chrysler SUV

American manufacturer prepares a new crossover/SUV for its lineup. Since we don’t know exact name yet, we will call in 2018 Chrysler SUV for now. As you probably know, these types of vehicles are among most popular on the market nowadays. Despite the fact that Chrysler is one of key players on market, it doesn’t have many of vehicles of this type in offer. So, this state will be changed soon. This will be a completely new model, which will probably be compact in size, light and easy to maneuver, and also with great economy. For now, we don’t know when this 2018 SUV will come exactly, but we believe that its launch could happen already this year.

2018 Chrysler SUV design and features

2018 Chrysler SUV frontThe 2018 Chrysler SUV will be a completely new model from this company. It will be a crossover, which will come designed for global market and we expect that company will offer it on many markets all over the world. We don’t know many details about new model at this moment. However, there is some insider information we want to share with you. According to these reports, this crossover will be smaller, probably compact in size. Its main benefits will be compact size and light weight, thank to use of aluminum and other light materials. In terms of interior and equipment, this should be a premium crossover. The 2018 Chrysler SUV will feature premium features like leather upholstery, plenty of “power” features, advanced technologies like touchscreens, mobile apps, satellite radio, Bluetooth connections and many other things. Expect a really long list of standard features, and also plenty of optional packages.

2018 Chrysler SUV 012018 Chrysler SUV engine

When it comes to powertrain, we still don’t known which exact units will be used for this model. Since 2018 Chrysler SUV will be compact crossover, company will surely rely on smaller and more efficient units. We could see familiar 2.4 liter engine in offer, but also some smaller and more advanced units such as 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine. Also, it is possible to see some engines from Fiat in offer. This is mainly about diesels, which are very popular in Europe and some other parts of the world.

2018 Chrysler SUV release date and price

So far, we can only make some predictions about these things. Many optimistic reports suggest that 2018 Chrysler SUV could come already this year. When it comes to price, most of crossovers of this size go between 20.000 and 25.000 dollars.  This one shouldn’t be an exception.

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