2018 Dodge Dakota

According to many rumors, company prepares comeback of this truck, which will probably come as 2018 Dodge Dakota. These reports about comeback started right after discontinuation, but now it looks more possible than before, since company works with Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi, when it is about trucks. So, what can we expect from model that was produced in three generations, for about 25 years, between 1986 and 2011. It is quite possible to see some new version of new L200. However, we are pretty sure that this won’t be just a rebadged model, like it is case with Fiat’s new truck. Many expect to see this comeback very soon, maybe already next year.

2018 Dodge Dakota redesign

2018 Dodge Dakota front view

The 2018 Dodge Dakota will come back completely redesigned and reengineered. So far, those are just rumors, which are present since 2012. However, this model looks much more possible nowadays than four years ago. Fiat started cooperation with Mitsubishi, and this might be opportunity to see Dodge’s model on this platform too. If it comes, 2018 Dodge Dakota will surely ride on L200’s platform. New truck will surely borrow many design solutions from Japanese model. However, it won’t be just rebadged version, just it was case with Fiat.

2018 Dodge Dakota styling

When it is about styling, 2018 Dodge Dakota will probably come with its own appearance. Unlike trucks from Fiat and Mitsubishi, this truck will come with unique styling, which will be based probably on Ram trucks. So, we should see some kind of Ram 1500, just in small package. On the other side, interior will most likely be pretty close to Fullback, except we could see some smaller revisions on dashboard.

2018 Dodge Dakota rear view

2018 Dodge Dakota engines

When it is about powertrain, we believe that Dodge will come with its own palette of engines. Base model could feature company’s familiar 2.4 liter four-cylinder unit. Also, we should see well-known 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar as option. The 2018 Dodge Dakota could also come in diesel variant. In that case, it should borrow engine from Fiat. When it is about transmission, base models should be equipped with 9-speed automatic gearbox.

2018 Dodge Dakota release date and price

Well, it is hard to speculate about release date, since it is still unknown will 2018 Dodge Dakota even come. Same thing is with price. However, many believe that new model should feature lower price than previous model, which, although smaller, had pretty much the same price as Ram 1500.

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  1. Richard Malinowski says:

    I wish no I hope you bring back the DAKOTA. That was the worst thing dodge had ever done. If and when the DAKOTA comes back I’ll be the first one in line.

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