2018 Fiat 500 Turbo

New arrivals in Fiat family are growing and making the first choice for all fans worldwide. Although with smaller dimensions, this sedan is a good choice if you want a safe and stable vehicle for all occasions. This model will contain upgraded exterior and interior features, and overall concept as well. New engine equipment and improved performance are also a reason more to chose 2018 Fiat 500 Turbo. With acceptable price and addition with it, it is sure that this model will have more sympathies than Abarth. Thanks to its unique style and overlook this type of vehicle will always have good critics.

2018 Fiat 500 Turbo

2018 Fiat 500 Turbo redesign

Design for new 2018 Fiat 500 Turbo will be slightly different compared to its predecessor. The shell itself will be smaller but redesigned for a new sporty look. The base grill will be wider with opened lights front and back which is useful for foggy days. Front bumpers will be smaller but yet noticeable. New LED technology is getting updates even in the interior. Safety measures always include the latest navigation and safety belts. Interior itself is fine, with leather decorations and with more technical support. Cozy inside and with improved dashboard it comes with great possibilities. Driver seat is spacious and it has more space for legs and comfort drive.

2018 Fiat 500 Turbo side

2018 Fiat 500 Turbo engine

There will be slight changes for new 2018 Fiat 500 Turbo engine. The new, lighter motor box better guarantees excellent performance. With engine specs as it supposed to be as the 1.4-liter engine which can bring 160 hp and 185 torque. Energy goes through a six-pace manual transmission. The engine is a good performer in both of areas, city, and highway and it is sure that some of the new arrivals will be competitive to this engine on same areas. Fuel should be gasoline but there is a chance even for a hybrid model.

2018 Fiat 500 Turbo engine

2018 Fiat 500 Turbo price

This model is coming from the recognizable brand and a new arrival already has confirmation. There is no certain data about the release date of 2018 Fiat 500 Turbo but it should happen in the beginning of 2019. The final presentation will be some months earlier. The base price will be around $20,000 and for more upgrades, the price is higher.

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