2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo

If you need a compact van, 2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo could be a perfect solution for you. This model comes with many benefits that will make it stand out, compared to competition. Italian manufacturer offers plenty of great commercial vehicles and this is one of them. This model originally came in 2000 and we have seen two generations of it so far. Current model came in 2010 and it came with some big updates last year. There are several new things on this model, especially when it comes to exterior design, where new model features many details. On the other side, interior remains pretty much the same. The 2018 Doblo Cargo should keep in pretty much same manner.

2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo redesign and features

2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo front viewAs we already mentioned, 2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo will come with the pretty much same design characteristics as model that came last year, which features plenty of new things. There are many new details, especially in visual aspect. Most of these novelties came up front, where this van now features things like new headlights, grille and bumper. Other areas also suffered some modifications. Great thing about this van is that it comes in several variants. Besides traditional classification on passenger and cargo models, there are also several sub-variants that feature different roof heights, cargo capacities and similar things. When it is about interior, things remained pretty much the same as on model that came six years ago, and we doubt that there will be some bigger changes until next generation come.

2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo interior2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo engines

The 2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo comes with several engines in offer. Base model features a 1.4 liter gasoline engine with 95 horsepower and 95 pound-feet of torque. However, a huge majority of buyers will go for a diesel variant, since this is a commercial vehicle. There are three diesel engines in offer and all of them offer not only great economy but also plenty of power for dynamic ride. Base diesel engine is 1.3 liter MultiJet with around 95 horses, which is good for around 55 miles per gallon in combined drive. Other two engines are also from MutliJet family and offer more power, but keep great economy. Those are 1.6 and 2.0 liter units, with 105 and 135 horsepower, respectively.

2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo rear view2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo release date

The 2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo should come somewhere late next year.

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3 Responses to 2018 Fiat Doblo Cargo

  1. Nurettin GÜN says:

    2018 fiat doblo,ların arkasından bakıldığı zaman arka amatsörleri ve yayları görünmesin ve ön kısmıda motorun altı kasası yere çok yakındır yükselmesi lazım ve ön farları olmamış ve ön çamurluklar çok yüksek biraz düşürülsün.

  2. Danny Taylor says:

    will the Doblo Cargo 1.6 diesel be sold in America, if so who do I contact

    • fiat says:

      It is not likely for now that Doblo will have this version in US as 2018 year model. Fiat is turning more attention to 500 and Abarth models.

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