2018 Fiat Doblo Van

Fiat is one of the leaders in compact segment in most of the car classes. Not only hatchbacks, such as Punto, are being popular, but also minivans. One of them is coming refreshed as 2018 Fiat Doblo Van. This is an excellent choice for urban traffic. The commercial vehicle can deliver goods fast and without worries that its size will cause problems in city drive. Another good thing is exceptional fuel economy. So, these are main reasons why to go after Doblo Van. Cons against this vehicle are minor and subjective. Some of them could have something against the look, but it is all matter of personal opinion.

2018 Fiat Doblo Van

2018 Fiat Doblo Van release

The 2018 Fiat Doblo Van will be available soon. Premiere is going to happen right at the start of next year. Immediately, the sale will begin. Expectations are big, and we will see if buyers are interested in this model. The last van succeeded, and with some upgrades, future of the Doblo minivan is bright.

2018 Fiat Doblo Van rear

2018 Fiat Doblo Van engine

The almost complete lineup of Fiat vehicles for 2018 season is using a 1.3-l Multi-jet diesel engine. This minivan is not the exception. However, the base model is a 1.4-l petrol drivetrain with the output of 100 hp and lb-ft respectively. For the better torque level, there is Multi-jet diesel unit. With it, 2018 Fiat Doblo Van can make 140 pound-feet of torque and a similar amount of power. Both units are sending power to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Then, gearbox distributes energy to front wheels. Two engines are very economical, but some users cry for more power. It could be possible if rumors about 1.6-l and 2.0-l displacements come true.

2018 Fiat Doblo Van side

2018 Fiat Doblo Van redesign

Commercial or transportation vehicle, 2018 Fiat Doblo Van is good in any use. Comparing to predecessors, there are some new details and accents, but nothing radical is changed. Slight tuning of bumper, headlights, and grille are invisible for most of the users. However, the highlight of the redesign will be more space in the cargo area, or in back rows for passengers. Either way, Doblo Van and Fiorino Combi will be ready to take over the market and make Fiat proud of its vans.

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