2018 Fiat Fullback

The 2018 Fiat Fullback will be pretty fresh and we don’t expect bigger changes compared to current model. This truck came recently and it is something completely new from Fiat. Moreover, complete Italian car industry is known and praised for other types of vehicles. We didn’t used to see truck from Fiat and other Italian brands. However, current situation on market demands from all manufacturers to produce all types of vehicles. So, Italian company started a co-operation with Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi. New truck from Fiat is heavily based of well-known Mitsubishi L200. Both models came completely new recently and we do not expect bigger changes for 2018 Fullback, which should come somewhere in the second half of next year.

2018 Fiat Fullback redesign and features

2018 Fiat Fullback front viewAs we already mentioned, you should not expect changes for 2018 Fiat Fullback. Simply, this model came just recently and it is still very fresh in all aspects. It is heavily based on Mitsubishi L200, which also came completely redesigned last year. Moreover, this Fiat’s truck is literally a re-badged version of L200. Pretty much all of parts are identical. Moreover, these two model are produced in same assembly, on same lines. Compared to Japanese model, 2018 Fiat Fullback will features some smaller unique details in visual aspect, while mechanical part of the truck is identical. It will come with its own front fascia, while headlights bumpers and other parts from the front are same as on L200. Same thing is inside, where Fiat installed its own steering wheel and some other smaller things. Rest of the truck is pretty much the same.

2018 Fiat Fullback interior2018 Fiat Fullback engines

Since 2018 Fiat Fullback will be completely identical to L200 in mechanical aspect, we will also see the same engines in offer. There is a 2.4 liter diesel engine, which comes in two output configurations. So, you can choose between model with 150 and model with 180 horsepower. In both cases there is an automatic transmission. Also, there are some reports that Fiat could install some of its engines. This could happen soon, but hardly for 2018 Fullback.

2018 Fiat Fullback rear view2018 Fiat Fullback release date and price

Since there will not be more important changes, 2018 Fiat Fullback will feature pretty much the same price, which starts around 23.000 dollars. When it is about release date, new model will come late next year.

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