2018 Fiat Grand Siena

The next season will be the start of new life for 2018 Fiat Grand Siena sedan. As one of the most luxurious vehicles from Italian carmaker, it will have a hard task to provide good selling results in tough competition. However, Fiat bosses believe in Grand Siena. It will come out with new Tipo hatchback during next year, and salon appearance will happen shortly after. Nevertheless, cars, such Chrysler 300, are not going to leave the market to new Fiat. In this battle, buyers will be on profit. With bigger open, they will be able to choose wisely. But, 2018 Grand Siena is going to hide some aces in the sleeve, which will be revealed right before the debut.

2018 Fiat Grand Siena

2018 Fiat Grand Siena redesign

The styling of the 2018 Fiat Grand Siena is very interesting. It is bigger than its sibling. But, fuel economy is on a similar level. With a longer wheelbase, this sedan will offer more room in the cabin. Passengers in both rows will have enough space for legs and heads. Furthermore, cargo area can take more luggage. That is not all since we will see improvements in other sides. Interior is stylish. New dashboard gives a fresh look, while controls on it being simple and easy to use. Seats and air conditioning system are going to boost overall comfort. There are some helping and warning systems, which will make the drive easier and less stressful. Finally, safety is getting few more components.

2018 Fiat Grand Siena rear

2018 Fiat Grand Siena engine

The new platform will use a 1.3-l engine as the main power unit of the 2018 Fiat Grand Siena. Many details are missing about this drivetrain, but we believe the company will come out soon with power rate and fuel economy. We know that the Italian carmaker is making fuel-friendly models, rather than high performers. It will be with Grand Siena. This sedan won’t go over 100 hp and 100 lb-ft of torque. However, fuel consumption is city will be better than 8 l/100km. On the highway, this number is much better. Transmission is a 5-speed manual, while automatic will be probably an option.

2018 Fiat Grand Siena interior

2018 Fiat Grand Siena price

We still don’t know the price of the 2018 Fiat Grand Siena. However, experts believe that Italian company will try to make its way with lower cost. But, as a luxury sedan, it will probably one of the expensive Fiat products.

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