2018 Fiat Linea

New vehicle is on top of the road and we can officially represent a 2018 Fiat Linea. With its companion, an upcoming Punto will have many similarities. The platform will be exactly the same but many other details and texture will be different for this machines. Linea is heading to be very economical and with outstanding features, it will take place in many homes. Comparing to earlier models this one has better performance and futuristic design. Most difference is attending to engine and performance which is way better than before.

2018 Fiat Linea

2018 Fiat Linea platform

Two concepts which are the most suitable for both Punto and 2018 Fiat Linea is Fiat X6H and X6S. Those two will be a logical concept in every next production. The most significant thing is lightweight which is a novelty in production this type. A design is real and modern and is suitable for all generations. Inner space is bigger and spacious and has more leather details. Safety measures are guaranteed with navigation and special programs of the infotainment system. So this car can be very optimistic for longer trips and for family needs. The audio system is also part of a deal but with the more furnished unit, we can expect a higher price.

2018 Fiat Linea interior

2018 Fiat Linea engine

For this type of engine, there are preparing two solutions. Under the hood will be several options which can be more environmentally friendly. The base unit can gain 95 hp and 120 lb ft of torque. This diesel power train will have real fuel consumption which can take faster and silent transmission. Another possibility is 1.4 liter which brings more power. It can gain 120 hp but with slightly lower torque. Both versions can give automatic and manual transmission. These engines are popular in Europe and more available in this area. American market can offer several other possibilities.

2018 Fiat Linea side

2018 Fiat Linea trims

The new vehicle of 2018 fiat Linea will be available in three trim levels. Base units will be active version and mid range is dynamic. Top class will contain famous Linea Emotion. With a different type of packages, the price will also be different. Finally, for top class Linea, we can expect the higher price.

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