2018 Fiat Palio Weekend

Few years ago we could hear that Palio Weekend is about to be retired. Luckily, this information is not correct. This is not just a rumor since the new model is on the way. The base version of the hatchback will come out, and after that, we can expect to see 2018 Fiat Palio Weekend as a station wagon. For the first time after the major redesign in 2012, the new model is getting big changes. The Weekend will introduce fresh design, as well as new powertrains. This is going to put competition on the alert, making them work harder, which results with more cars for buyers to choose.

2018 Fiat Palio Weekend


2018 Fiat Palio Weekend engine

From what we can hear, the Italian carmaker is not going to invest big money into new powertrains. Instead, engineers will tune existing models to be more powerful and more economical. So, under the hood, we will find 1.4-l 4-cylinder as a base engine. This Flex drivetrain is fuel friendly, but can’t deliver too much power. So, there is an alternative in 1.8-l inline-4, also Flex powertrain. Both units are available as Attractive or Adventure models. Engines are there to consume less fuel, so it is not strange why 2018 Fiat Palio Weekend takes 10 seconds to reach 100 km/h. On the other hand, the maximum speed of 182 km/h is respectable.

2018 Fiat Palio Weekend engine

2018 Fiat Palio Weekend future

There are a lot of questions about this wagon. Palio is not among the most popular cars, but this and Weekend has its fans. This is an especially important vehicle to Brazilian buyers. So, the company decides to go with 2018 Fiat Palio Weekend. With it, bosses are leaving a clear message that hatchback and other versions are safe for now. Fans are happy about that, and there are already questions and inquiries about release and price of the upcoming car.

2018 Fiat Palio Weekend rear

2018 Fiat Palio Weekend price

There are no clear and official info about the price of the 2018 Fiat Palio Weekend. We believe buyers will have an option to pick between Adventure and Attractive trim levels, depending on the engine. Also, the price will be at the same level as the last Weekend, or probably slightly higher, because of the modernization.

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