2018 Fiat Strada

Fiat is always full of surprises and novelties. For upcoming presentations, the company prepared many new products which are waiting to glow in full shy. Furthermore, we are now talking about new 2018 Fiat Strada. This vehicle is new on a market and represents a combination of new and modern which is an appeal to the younger audience as well. Some new data will be announced even before the final presentation. Main market and public will be in America, and later Central and Western Europe. Critics are having already positive remarks and it taste is about to prove on the field.

2018 Fiat Strada

2018 Fiat Strada redesign

Our new vehicle will be mixture full of surprises. Some of the competitors – Punto and Linea, will have similar features and yet very classy. The total lineup is same in basics but many redesign points are present. New 2018 Fiat Strada will be a smaller pickup with combined exterior and bigger inner space. According to some rumors, this model will be suitable for domestic and more aggressive terrains. With more specific sketches after the final presentation, we can say more about redesign details. Although it is more like a sport car, it can be practical for long distance trips.

2018 Fiat Strada rear

2018 Fiat Strada engine

According to some comparisons, a new model of 2018 Fiat Strada will be strong as the predecessor. One of the best things about any car is the engine. In this case, it will be just one option in offer. Engine supplies are depending on the place of the market is heading to. European demanding for the class engine is 1.4-liter which can gain 85 hp or 1.8-liter power train with 120 hp. Transmission for the earlier model was 6-pace manual gear box, but that does not mean in this case also. Fuel consumption and environment safety will be on a high level.

2018 Fiat Strada interior

2018 Fiat Strada release date

There are many speculations about the release date. However, many experts are predicting that at the end of the current year will have some exact data. Steady sort of revenue is for sure for Fiat this season. We are hoping final announcement for this model and much more. Finally, the price is also an optional question which will find out as soon as new arrival get published.

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  1. martin connolly says:

    The world is waiting for the automatic transmission in this great truck . It seems to have every other great thing going for it . Older people are talking about their disappointment . Really !

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