2018 Fiat Talento

We are sure that 2018 Fiat Talento will be one of the most attractive vans in segment. Company decided to bring back this nameplate, and new model comes practically as re-badged version of Renault Trafic. This French van is also very fresh. It came completely redesigned two years ago, with plenty of improvements. Italian version will come with all these design solutions. Moreover, it will be produce in the same assembly, in France. Since this model came just recently, we are pretty sure that 2018 Fiat Talento will not feature some bigger changes. It will come with the same design characteristics and same options, and we expect its arrival late next year.

2018 Fiat Talento design and features

2018 Fiat Talento front viewAs we already mentioned, 2018 Fiat Talento should come without changes. This model will continue with the same design characteristics as Renault Trafic. It will come with the pretty much same characteristics not only in mechanical aspect, but also in terms of styling. This mode is literally a re-badged version. So, we will see all the benefits that Renault Trafic offers. It is an excellent van, which is also very versatile. There are total nine variants of this model in offer, so you can easily choose the one that suits perfectly to you. All models offer plenty of storage place, but that is not the only benefit of this model. It also offers high level of comfort, with plenty of conveniences. List of standard features is very long, and there are also plenty of options in offer.  The 2018 Fiat Talento will offer you both dynamic and economic ride.

2018 Fiat Talento side view2018 Fiat Talento engines

There are three variants when it comes to powertrain. Base model comes with 1.6 liter diesel engine, which has max output of 94 horsepower. Already in this variant, 2018 Fiat Talento offers dynamic ride and amazing fuel economy of 43 mpg in combined ride. Other two variants also feature 1.6 liter twin-turbo diesel engine, but with higher output, with 123 and 143 horses. Also, there is a new variant in offer, with 118 horsepower, which offers equally good economy as base 94-hp model.

2018 Fiat Talento interior2018 Fiat Talento release date and price

Since there won’t be changes for 2018 Fiat Talento, we expect its arrival somewhere in late period of next year. We also don’t expect changes in price. Base model will probably go around 24.500 dollars.

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