2018 Fiat Uno

Radical turn in the design of Fiat Uno pays dividends. We know it is really tiny, a compact hatchback, ideal for urban area driving. Now, the car is bigger. Its styling is also taking a significant redesign. Now, we can see 2018 Fiat Uno more like a crossover, than the hatch. However, its styling updates are making it more interesting. Nevertheless, size is slightly bigger, but it doesn’t change its main purpose and advantages. This is still same old Uno we fell in love with. Now, prettier, modern, and tougher, car is ready to offer something new.

2018 Fiat Uno

2018 Fiat Uno engines

The new 2018 Fiat Uno will offer two drivetrains. The entry-level model will carry a 1.0-l petrol unit under the hood. This engine is ready to develop 70 hp. The three-cylinder powertrain can also offer magnificent fuel economy rate, with only 7 l/100km in city conditions. From the second option, a 1.3-l engine, drivers will get significant improvement in output. With 110 hp rate, it is significant boost comparing to the base model. Both versions are using the same transmission system – a 5-pace auto gearbox. It uses Dualogic system, while both engines are Flex. Another drivetrain is weaker in mileage, with 8.2 l/100 km rate.

2018 Fiat Uno dashboard

2018 Fiat Uno redesign

Changes in design will make a surprise to all the fans of the compact hatchback. The 2018 Fiat Uno will bring radical restyling. When we take a look at first photos, it is obvious Italian company is going after shock reaction. The new vehicle is nothing anyone could expect. Its bold design brings a tougher car, which can almost take a position in the crossover segment. However, this is a smart move by Fiat, and the hatch is definitely going to attract the interest of many buyers.

2018 Fiat Uno rear

2018 Fiat Uno price and release

While new look of the 2018 Fiat Uno will definitely be a tiebreaker among the competition, we still don’t know when we will see the final version. Time is ticking away, and season 2018 is just around the corner. However, rumors are louder, so we can see the hatchback very soon. The Uno will head to South America. If it makes there, then we can see it worldwide. We doubt it will go northern, since competition is tougher there, and US buyers like more powerful cars, such as Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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