2018 Lancia Stratos

According to the latest reports, we are finally going to see production of 2018 Lancia Stratos. This model will be a revival of legendary sports car from 70’s, which is considered as one of the most iconic models from this Italian brand. Original model was in production between 1973 and 1978 but, as you probably know, there are several prototypes released during all these years of waiting. Latest prototype dates from in 2005. Since 2010, new version is in preparation, and several reliable sources suggest that it could finally come this or next year. It will be something completely new, and it will come as a production of close cooperation with Ferrari. The 2018 Stratos could come already next year.

2018 Lancia Stratos design and features

2018 Lancia Stratos 01As we already mentioned, 2018 Lancia Stratos will come as completely new vehicle, which will be a joint venture of Lancia and Ferrari. It will be a model that will ride on new platform, but use plenty of technologies and design solutions from most famous sports cars manufacturer. Just like on latest Ferrari models like 599, we will see a massive use of extremely light and strong materials like aluminum, HSS, carbon fiber etc. This will provide a massive weight savings without losing strength it construction of the chassis. In terms of styling, 2018 Lancia Stratos should come with plenty of influence from classic model. However, we also expect to see many elements inspired by 2005 Fenomenon Stratos concept car. This model had its premiere in Geneva, 12 years ago. Also, some reports suggest that many interior elements could be from Ferrari models, such as instrument cluster etc.

2018 Lancia Stratos 032018 Lancia Stratos engine

Just like original model from 70’s, 2018 Lancia Stratos will also use Ferrari’s powertrain. Unlike original which used a Dino V6 engine, this model will feature a V8 unit. It will be the same that legendary F430 model features. This engine has max output of 490 horsepower, while max torque is around 350 lb-ft. This engine usually comes in pair with 6-speed manual transmission. When it is about performances, new model should be able to go from 0 to 60 in about 3.5 seconds. On the other side, top speed should go over 200 miles per hour.

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