2018 Lancia Ypsilon

Many believe that this small city car will come completely redesigned in a year or two, probably as 2018 Lancia Ypsilon. There are many reports about this redesign that can be found on the network, although there is no official confirmation. As you probably know, company did a mid-cycle refresh last year, when we saw several visual improvements. Since this version was released in 2011, it is quite possible next generation to come in few years. However, many believe that new generation won’t come so quickly and that we’ll have to wait a little bit more. Finally, there is also a possibility that next generation won’t even come and that 2018 Ypsilon can be one of the last models in production.

2018 Lancia Ypsilon redesign

2018 Lancia Ypsilon front viewAlthough there are many possibilities, most of us believe that 2018 Lancia Ypsilon could come completely new. In that case, we will see a fourth generation of this small city car, which is in production of over two decades and which shares many characteristics with models like Fiat Panda, Fiat 500 etc. For this redesign, we expect to see many changes. It should get completely new platform that company develops for several new small city cars of Fiat. This model should be one of the firsts to use this new platform, which should bring many benefits. For example, new platform should feature longer wheelbase, which should provide more space inside, especially for the rear passengers. Also, we will see completely new styling, which will present brand’s latest design language and plenty of new technologies. Same thing we expect inside, where 2018 Lancia Ypsilon should come with plenty of new features.

2018 Lancia Ypsilon interior2018 Lancia Ypsilon engines

When it is about engines, we believe that most of the current units should carryover. For example, company’s new 0.9 twin-cylinder engine should continue pretty much without any change. This small engine comes with turbocharger and has max output of 85 horsepower. There is also an LPG version of this engine, which is good for about 80 horses. There is also a company’s familiar 1.2 liter gasoline engine, which suffered several modifications for all these years, and now has max output of 68 horsepower. When it is about diesel version, there is also another great engine from Fiat. It is a 1.3 liter Multijet engine, with max power of 94 horses. All engines will come in pair with manual transmission, while 0.9 liter unit will also come available with automatic gearbox.

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