2018 Ram Rebel

Legendary truck manufacturer comes with many special versions of its iconic 1500 model, and 2018 Ram Rebel will be one of them. Its name speaks for itself, it is a special model that adds some free-spirit flavor compared to standard models. Although base characteristics are pretty much the same, there are also many unique details, especially when it comes to exterior styling, and some interior features. There are also some special features that make off-road capabilities even better. With powerful engines, tuned suspension and several other features, this model is excellent both for fun and work. For 2018 Rebel we could see some smaller updates, while major changes will come along with redesign of standard model, which should happen in next few years.

2018 Ram Rebel redesign

2018 Ram Rebel front viewAs we already mentioned, 2018 Ram Rebel will come with pretty much same characteristics as base 1500 model. It will feature pretty much same mechanics and also same overall shape of the truck. For this occasion we could see some smaller visual tweaks, which will improve look for a bit. Most of these changes will come at the front, where we could see things like new grille etc. New 18-inch wheels should come too. We could also see some new features inside, but it is hard to predict, which features could become standard for 2018 Ram Rebel. In mechanical aspect, this model features several unique characteristics. It comes with some modifications that improve off-road capabilities. For example, there are things like tuned suspension. So, this truck has 10 inches of ground clearance and 12 inches of total suspension travel.

2018 Ram Rebel interior2018 Ram Rebel engines

The 2018 Ram Rebel will feature two engine options. Base model will use the power from 3.6 liter petrol engine, which has max output of 305 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. Optional engine is Hemi V8, with displacement of 5.7 liters. This mighty engine is good for about 400 horses and 410 pound-feet of torque. Both engines come in pair with 6-speed automatic. There are also rumors that 2018 Rebel could finally come with diesel engine in offer, but we still didn’t get official confirmation.

2018 Ram Rebel rear view2018 Ram Rebel release date and price

Since we don’t expect bigger changes, this truck should come somewhere late next year. More precise date will be known in near future. When it is about price, 2018 Ram Rebel should retain the same base price of 43.200 dollars.

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