2018 SRT Barracuda

We heard many stories about revival of this legendary nameplate, but some go even that far to speculate about its hi-performance version, which should come as 2018 SRT Barracuda. This will be a special version of new muscle car, tuned by Chrysler’s performance department SRT. So, what to expect from this model? It is hard to speculate about possible unique characteristics, since we don’t know exactly how standard model will look. Moreover, we still don’t know will it even come at all. So, at this point, we can just take a view on those reports about 2018 Barracuda, and also include imagination to make prediction about new model. Once again, we will like to remind you that you should take this article with big reserve.

2018 SRT Barracuda redesign

2018 SRT Barracuda front viewWe already wrote about this nameplate and its standard version, which should come under Dodge badge. This will be its special, tuned version. So, when it comes to base design characteristics, 2018 SRT Barracuda shouldn’t be much different compared to standard model. It will ride on the same platform that company borrowed from Alfa Romeo Giulia. It is perfect for this occasion, since it features a RWD layout. In terms of styling, we will see the same contour as for standard model, but also some of unique details, just it is case with other STR models. This basically means more attractive appearance, with sportier interior, which will come with sports seats, modified cluster and several other details. Also, we should see some mechanical modification that will provide better performances. This refers primarily on suspension and similar things.

2018 SRT Barracuda 012018 SRT Barracuda engine

This will be the main difference between 2018 SRT Barracuda and standard model. We will see different powertrain, with more power and better performances. At this point, we still don’t known which engine will be installed under the hood, but that will most likely be a 6.4 liter Hemi engine. For some further versions, we could also see a Hellcat engine under the hood, which is known for its monstrous amount of power and excellent performances.

2018 SRT Barracuda rear view2018 SRT Barracuda release date

At this point, we still don’t known will 2018 SRT Barracuda is even going to come. However, if base model come by the end of year, we could see this tuned version already next year.

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