2018 SRT Tomahawk

People from Gran Turismo team are not just amazing game developers, but also great designers of future cars. So far, we have seen many virtual concepts through this video game, and some of the most popular are models like VW GTI Supersport, Nissan Concept 2020 etc. The 2018 SRT Tomahawk is another one. Like other models, this one also looks far into the future, maybe even more than the others. It comes with outrageous design, with plenty of futuristic design solutions in all aspects. It comes with stupendous 2000-hp powertrain, G suit and many other futuristic things that we won’t see in real life surely for many, many years.

2018 SRT Tomahawk design

2018 SRT Tomahawk conceptThe 2018 SRT Tomahawk is definitely one of the most amazing Gran Turismo concepts we have seen so far. It looks far into the future in all aspects. It comes with amazingly attractive, sexy-looking styling, but that is not the only amazing thing about its design. This model comes is completely made of ultra-light materials, which provide outrageous performances. There are some active components driven by a pneumatic system that this concept uses a propulsion system. Like on ultra-maneuverable fighting jets, there are plenty of active panels that help control ride height and downforce. This concept comes as a single-seat cabin configuration. There aren’t many details about interior of 2018 SRT Tomahawk. We presume that this concept features a stripped out cockpit with plenty of lightweight materials and racing gadgets.

2018 SRT Tomahawk rear view2018 SRT Tomahawk engine

Powertrain is surely one of the most interesting parts of 2018 SRT Tomahawk. This car combines power from 7.0 liter V10 engine that delivers power to rear wheels and pneumatic powertrain for the front wheels. It comes in three variants when it comes to power. Base model is good for about 1007 horses total. Next one is called GTS-R. In this version, 7.0 liter engine outputs 1137 horses, while pneumatic engine delivers 313 horses to front wheels. Total output is 1450 horsepower. Finally, there is an X model. In this version, V10 engine makes 2168 hp, while pneumatic engine makes 422. So, total output is 2590 horsepower. In this variant, 2018 2018 Tomahawk has max speed of over 400 miles per hour.

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