2019 Abarth 124 Coupe

Fiat’s performance division is going to introduce a completely new model from its lineup. The Italian car maker made a fantastic job with the cooperation with Mazda. Based on a legendary MX-5, 124 Spider is definitely the most attractive model in the brand’s lineup. Now they want to introduce a hardtop version, which will be designed by the Abarth. If we consider that Mazda doesn’t have this kind of vehicle on the offer, it will be very interesting to see design modifications that Fiat will make on this exciting car. This will be a hi-performance version, which will feature things like more powerful engine, harder construction, plenty of sporty body kits, unique interior design etc. We expect 2019 Abarth 124 Coupe to arrive somewhere in the next year.

2019 Abarth 124 Coupe design and features

2019 Abarth 124 Coupe front viewThe 2019 Abarth 124 Coupe will be the latest sporty car for the famous Italian car maker. This model will continue with the same base design characteristics that are borrowed from Mazda, but it will also come with several modifications. This will be a hardtop, coupe version of this small sports car. So, we expect to see some interesting modifications from Fiat, since Mazda doesn’t have a hardtop version of this car in the offer. Besides these modifications, we expect 2019 Abarth 124 Coupe to follow design language of the 124 Spider. Also, Fiat’s performance department will make some styling modifications that will include various body kits such as bumpers, spoilers etc. When it comes to the interior design, 2019 Abarth 124 Coupe will come in a true racing manner, with things like sports seats, aluminum and chrome surfaces, Abarth logos etc.

2019 Abarth 124 Coupe rear view2019 Abarth 124 Coupe engine

The 2019 Abarth 124 Coupe will definitely come with amazing performances. Mazda’s extremely light construction will come in combination with a powerful engine from Fiat. This model will most likely feature the same efficient 1.4- liter gasoline engine. This engine is used by 124 Spider and has 178 horsepower. However, we won’t be surprised to see even more horses for this occasion. In both cases, 2019 Abarth 124 Coupe will have amazing performances.

2019 Abarth 124 Coupe release date and price

The 2019 Abarth 124 Coupe should come somewhere in the next year. However, the more precise launch date is still unknown. When it comes to price, the new model should go somewhere between 30.000 and 35.000 dollars.

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