2019 Chrysler 200

 The most viewed and demanded model of USA market is new upcoming 2019 Chrysler 200. This is typical mid size sedan which is a confident companion in every situation. Attractive by its appearance, this model is quite appealing for the younger audience. With modern design and good engine performance, this sedan has a good chance to become first at bet competition. We can expect early data about the release date, but not before the end of current year. However, positive marks are already breathtaking and secure direction to nice cooperation with future customers.

2019 Chrysler 200

2019 Chrysler 200 engine

There are really many theories about the engine for new 2019 Chrysler 200. What is currently in use is the V6 engine which can be replaced with smaller 2.4 – liter. This is more like a base for the first model. Models with higher trims have 3.6-liter V6 under the hood, which means more power and torque. Engineers are having the right to be creative, so we can wait for the combo for transmission which gives 9-speed auto. A smaller engine can have 35 mpg on the highway and some are less in urban states.

2019 Chrysler 200 interior

2019 Chrysler 200 redesign

This model is way better than its predecessor. New 2019 Chrysler 200 is a sedan with a new design and many updates on the features list. It is more comfortable and cozy, with additions to an infotainment system. Also, more modern technical support is there and it has USB connection and dashboard with touch-screen. Furthermore, safety measures are in high level containing navigation and safety belts. However, the exterior is modified and it has lighter materials inside concept. Wheels can be available in 18 a 19-inch size for tires. Finally, sunroof with ventilation and genuine materials in inner space makes this sedan top class.

2019 Chrysler 200 concept

2019 Chrysler 200 price

During the current year at least we can expect more significant numbers for the price of this vehicle. New 2019 Chrysler 200 should arrive by the end of the year. Well, some predictions for the price of this vehicle is $22,400 for LX and $33,000 for 200c trim. For higher trim models price is about to be even bigger. For these buyers looking for more fun, there is a Chrysler 300 car.

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