2019 Dodge Avenger

The new 2019 Dodge Avenger is expected to be redesigned and yet modern car which can handle daily challenges. But, until late 2018 is we won’t have much data. Designers did many sketches and solutions and we can expect many novelties. Many things are changing and updating, so we can expect a family car with all necessities which can take daily obligations. Some say it will be affordable and also modern. What market demands it must take effect on the model.

2019 Dodge Avenger

2019 Dodge Avenger interior and exterior

Comparing to the previous model from 2011 it is sure that this car will get a full redesign, with new features. This design will inhale better look and eye catching appearance which will bring an even younger audience. Some guesses hat wheels will be 18inch steel and with L shape bumpers. The grille will be dark and overall look will be aggressive and sporty. Inner space will be larger and spacious. Leather will be dominated material and it all worth it. LED tech is always present in front and back parts. Technology and Google programs are also present.

2019 Dodge Avenger hood


2019 Dodge Avenger engine

This new 2019 Dodge Avenger will have two solutions for the engine. First will be 2.4 liters with 274 hp. The second will be 3.6 liters v6 automatic. Both of these engines are environmentally safe and has fuel consumption. Although, fuel economy can be different. At everyday traffic, fuel saving is less than at heavy terrains. The top spending is about 32 mpg consumption.

2019 Dodge Avenger rear

2019 Dodge Avenger release date and price

The only data about the price is estimated comparing to previous models. Real numbers are not familiar yet, but estimation about the price is close to $22,000 for base models. For more updated models price will be higher and up to $27,000. The car will be available in several versions but not before the final release date. We will see by the end of the current year a correct and final release date. The production itself is in progress and there is no even a peek from the factory. Until next calling.

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