2019 Dodge Dakota

If we can trust latest rumors about this pickup truck, it seems that the company prepares to bring back it, as the 2019 Dodge Dakota. This mid-size truck was in production for 24 years. The original model came in 1987. It was produced until 1996 when the second generation came. Finally, the third generation came in 2005 and it ended its production in 2011. So, we can legally say that the company skipped one complete generation with this truck and that the 2019 Dakota will come after eight years of a brake. So, we expect to see plenty of new design solutions and technologies, which should help the new model to take a good position on the market. According to some rumors, the new model could come already next year.

2019 Dodge Dakota redesign

2019 Dodge Dakota 01We can say that the 2019 Dodge Dakota will come as a completely new model. After almost seven years, it is hard to expect some more important relations with the previous generation. The last version of this truck was discontinued because the whole segment went into a crisis of low sales. However, the situation is different nowadays and both Ford and Chevrolet offer new versions of its well-known trucks, Ranger and Colorado. So, the 2019 Dodge Dakota will come once again to compete with these models. What exactly to expect from the new model, it is still unclear. We will surely see plenty of new design solutions and technologies. The new truck will get a completely new styling, adapted to the brand’s latest design language. We expect various versions to be in the offer, with different body styles, the level of equipment, engines etc.

2019 Dodge Dakota 022019 Dodge Dakota engines

When it comes to the powertrain, new 2019 Dodge Dakota surely won’t have much in common with the third-generation model. It will probably utilize a familiar 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine as a base unit. It will come in a pair with a new 9-speed automatic transmission. Also, we could see some smaller inline-four engine in the offer. According to some reports, new 2019 Dakota will also come in a version with a diesel engine.

2019 Dodge Dakota release date and price

The arrival of 2019 Dodge Dakota is still uncertain, but latest reports suggest that the new model will come somewhere next year. The base price will probably be under 30.000 dollars, while the main rivals will be models like Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado.

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