2019 Lancia Ypsilon

It looks like the Italian car maker prepares to introduce a new version of this subcompact hatchback. This model is one of the Lancia’s best-selling vehicles. It originally came in 1995, based on a first-generation Punto. During these 22 years of production, we have seen three generations of it. The current model is present since 2011. Unlike first two generations that were Punto-based, this model has most in common with Fiat 500. If we consider the usual production cycle of this car, it is pretty much for sure that the next-generation model will come soon. It will happen in a year or two. Those more optimistic reports suggest that we could see new model already next year as 2019 Lancia Ypsilon.

2019 Lancia Ypsilon redesign

2019 Lancia Ypsilon front viewAs we already mentioned, the Italian manufacturer prepares a completely new version of this subcompact hatchback, which is present for more 22 years. The current model is present for about seven years and should be replaced in a year or two. Most likely, the 2019 Lancia Ypsilon will come completely new. At this moment, it is hard to predict more specific details, but it is certain that the new model will come with improvements in pretty much all aspects. We will see a new platform with plenty of new design solutions. Also, we expect from this famous Italian brand to continue with its exciting styling philosophy, and from 2019 Lancia Ypsilon to continue to be one of the most attractive small cars. When it comes to the interior design, we expect to see a completely new cabin. It will feature new dashboard, better materials, and a little bit more space.

2019 Lancia Ypsilon interior2019 Lancia Ypsilon engines

When it comes to the powertrain, it is hard to predict the exact units but some of the existing will surely carry over. It is certain that the 2019 Lancia Ypsilon will come both in petrol and diesel variants. We will surely see a famous 1.3-liter diesel engine in the offer. However, it could come with a little bit more power for this occasion. When it comes to petrol units, there is a fresh 1.4-liter turbo engine, which will surely continue. When it comes to the transmission, the manual gearbox will be standard for sure. Many also expect to finally see an automatic version in the offer.

2019 Lancia Ypsilon rear view2019 Lancia Ypsilon release date

As we already mentioned, the exact arrival date of new 2019 Lancia Ypsilon is still unknown, but we could see new model already next year.

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