2019 SRT Barracuda

There is never enough speculations when it comes to this iconic muscle car. You can find plenty of reports about this new model and if they come true, we will see its SRT version for sure. This hi-performance version could come in about year or two, as 2019 SRT Barracuda. We all remember this legendary model. It is definitely one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time, so car enthusiast will definitely have big expectations from this model. The 2019 Barracuda will, according to some reports, come based on a new Alfa Romeo Giulia. It will ride on the same platform and probably share many characteristics. On the other side, we will see a completely new appearance, which will be a little bit different than other models of the brand.

2019 SRT Barracuda design and features

2019 SRT Barracuda front viewIf it comes, it will be a great comeback of the model that gained a status of one of the most legendary muscle cars. A hi-performance version will definitely be an integral version of a new model, and it could come as 2019 SRT Barracuda. For now, we don’t know exact details about a new model. However, there are some rumors that sound very possible. According to them, new 2019 SRT Barracuda will ride on the same platform as new Alfa Romeo Giulia. This sporty platform features an RWD layout, which makes it perfect for the new muscle car. We expect an AWD version as well. This model will be a little bit smaller compared to the current Challenger. On the other side, it will be significantly lighter, which will provide excellent performance.  In terms of styling, we expect to see plenty of unique details, different from the brand’s current design language.

2019 SRT Barracuda rear view2019 SRT Barracuda engines

While the base models of this new car will probably feature a V6 engine, this version will surely come with some eight-cylinder unit. It will be some of the Hemi’s current units, probably a 6.4-liter engine, which will come with plenty of power. However, we don’t expect those insane 700+ horses, since this platform is significantly lighter and also smaller.

2019 SRT Barracuda release date

The 2019 SRT Barracuda could come in a year or two.

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