Abarth Punto

Main market and most buyers of the Abarth Punto will come from India. A move of the Italian carmaker is strange. This country already has a Punto Evo, a vehicle with similar characteristics. That makes all experts think why did it happen. Nevertheless, Fiat wants to refresh the lineup. Also, many differences will make fans go crazy about Abarth version. True fans will know to recognize effort and spot all details. Also, this could be a test for a new generation of the vehicle. On the performance end, the difference is tiny, with Punto by Abarth adding few more horses.

Abarth Punto

Abarth Punto design

While overall appearance is familiar, many details are making Abarth Punto special. Black and red combinations are always nice to see. That is what we see on the front. Black grille is stylish, and red foglamp housing adds more elegance. Taillights have LED surroundings. Overall dimensions are the same as on Fiat Punto Evo. However, wheelbase is shorter on Abarth. Available colors are white and black. Nevertheless, there is highlights and vinyl boosting aggressiveness. But, not all fans will fall in love with the red line. A 16-inch scorpion wheels are attractive. They also carry a badge of the Abarth company, with all signs of Italy and founder.

Abarth Punto wheels

Abarth Punto engine

Entire Fiat and Abarth lineup are using few engine options. One of these is a 1.4-l drivetrain. This unit is a source of power for Abarth Punto. This drivetrain can deliver 145 hp and 212 lb-ft of torque. It needs almost 9 seconds to reach 100 km/h. For enhancement, there are aluminum sports pedals. A T-Jet 16-valve engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Front wheel drive can provide excellent stability and ride control. Better handling and cornering are making the drive smoother.

Abarth Punto engine

Abarth Punto price

It is hard to compete with this vehicle with the entire package it offers. This car is not the most powerful in the class or the best in fuel economy. Nevertheless, a combination of these two, price, and reliability, is making it a top pick among buyers in India. Finally, starting price of just 9,7 lakhs, this is a perfect choice for the joyful and safe ride.

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