Fiat 500 S Plus

The Fiat 500 S Plus is a special edition of the vehicle. The Japanese market will offer this vehicle to all buyers. Other parts of the world will get different editions, such as Hybrid. Nevertheless, there are just small differences between S Plus and other models. Extra features and colors are making it unique and special. Under the hood, we can find a familiar, compact and fuel-friendly engine. Its price is also slightly higher than the regular model can offer, but it is still reasonable and affordable. Finally, this car is perfect for urban streets and heavy traffic. Compact crossover is not the best off-road vehicle, but it performs well in the city.

Fiat 500 S Plus

Fiat 500 S Plus engine

Under the hood of the Fiat 500 S Plus is a 2-cylinder engine. It makes the perfect solution for fuel economy. Power goes through manual transmission with 5 speeds. The energy is being routed to front wheels. The turbo drivetrain has 8 valves and a multi air intercooler. With 1.3-l Multi-Jet unit, it is capable of delivering 115 hp. The fuel economy is almost incredible since this crossover is taking just 4.5 liters of gasoline in 100 km. That is around 63 mpg. Top speed is 130 mph, and the 500 S Plus SUV can sprint to 60 mph in 8 seconds.

Fiat 500 S Plus engine

Fiat 500 S Plus redesign

There are few options for paintjob. White with black is the standard, while there is also stylish blue and black. Outside, alloy wheels are highlighting the appearance. Only details differ it from other versions of crossover. Inside, we can find the hands-free controller. For better comfort, there is the leather steering wheel. Also, it is on the right side of the dashboard. Navigation, dual-zone air conditioning, and heated seats are just some of plenty options for Fiat 500 S Plus.

Fiat 500 S Plus rear

Fiat 500 S Plus price

The Fiat 500 S Plus is available for around $21,000, or 2.4 million yen. Fans of the crossover still hope for it to arrive at their country. However, the Italian company is developing different versions for each market, according to drivers’ preferences. Nevertheless, we can’t say no to S Plus version to arrive elsewhere.

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