Fiat Punto Pure

There are many advantages of the Fiat Punto Pure. Italian carmaker is always innovative, and their vehicles are stylish. Every now and then they experiment with exterior look, for example, look at new Uno. But, new Punto is using the same platform and legendary look. Compact hatchback delivers a fair amount of power, but its price and fuel economy will be budget-saver. Also, the Pure model can offer some unique parts, making it special. Nevertheless, this is far from top models from Fiat, but all ex-drivers of this car will know what to expect from it.

Fiat Punto Pure

Fiat Punto Pure drivetrains

There will be two energy sources for Fiat Punto Pure. As many times before, the car is coming in regular, petrol mode, and with a diesel engine. Base, gasoline unit is a 1.2-l Fire drivetrain with McPherson suspension. Total horsepower coming of this one is 70, and torque is close to 100 Nm. This engine will have SOHC Camshaft and 8 valves. On the other hand, diesel unit can produce more torque and power. From 1.3-l Multi-jet powertrain we can expect 75 hp and 200 Nm. Here, the camshaft is DOHC, and there is double of valves petrol engine has. Besides the new suspension, there are helical coil springs for better handling and control of the car.

Fiat Punto Pure exterior

Fiat Punto Pure styling

New features are making Fiat Punto Pure very interesting. For example, innovations in lighting will boost both appearance and safety. Follow me technology introduces a modern way of using headlights, which are switching off after engine. For better comfort inside the car, there are adjustable front headrest and rear seat head restraint. Outside, new door handles and ORVM will refresh the look. This vehicle will offer more color options, and now there are three paint jobs. The final highlight is a ground clearance of 195 mm. This is enough for bumpy roads, and for an off-path drive.

Fiat Punto Pure rear

Fiat Punto Pure safety

The Italian company is paying a lot of attention to look and comfort. However, Fiat Punto Pure will be also a safe vehicle. Besides standard systems, the car has passive measures. One of them is the high tensile frame. There are also reinforcements in some parts of the Punto Pure. Finally, every aspect and detail have some function, and a major part of them are safety measures.

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