Fiat Siena Fire

The Fiat Siena Fire is a special edition of the subcompact vehicle from the Italian manufacturer. As its base model, it’s major success in selling numbers are coming from South America. This lineup is present as long as the standard model, and it is currently in its second generation. In the beginning, the car came to the Brazilian market, then spread to entire South America. A similar vehicle is active in Europe from 2002. However, this sedan is now available as Albea. New Fire will come out probably with new Grand Siena and some other models which Fiat prepares for next season.

Fiat Siena Fire

Fiat Siena Fire engine

The base unit of standard Siena model is coming as petrol or diesel model. However, there are some special drivetrains. One of them is Fire. It uses 1.4-l Tetraflex inline-4 mill. This is probably the same solution for next editions. Changes will come with new generations, but probably after 2020. The first Fiat Siena Fire models carried small displacements. After that, the 1.0-l displacement could deliver 70 hp. Its successor is a 1.2-l engine with 82 hp. Further evolution leads to 1.3-l and 1.4-l engines. The last one is the current drivetrain. However, it suffers changes after every new edition, so it is not the same powertrain as it was at first.

Fiat Siena Fire engine

Fiat Siena Fire redesign

The Fiat Siena Fire is a mini sedan, and it will remain in future. Although this class is not so popular nowadays, it can find buyers and fans in some parts of the world. Because of them, Italian carmaker will do another redesign of this model. Nothing radical is coming, but with some updates, the car is going to be modern and attractive. Control panel and dashboard are taking a lot of modifications, so the entire interior will be fresh and elegant. The compact sedan is not the luxurious vehicle, but it is still stylish, although cabin doesn’t offer expensive materials.

Fiat Siena Fire dashboard

Fiat Siena Fire conclusion

Experts are in doubt about future of the Fiat Siena Fire in Europe. Because of that, the company will focus on South America. Since selling a record of all Siena models is over 1,2 million, we are sure there is a future for Fire edition is some parts of the world.

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