Fiat Uno Sporting

The brand new Fiat Uno Sporting will introduce a lot of innovations for this vehicle. The legendary hatchback is coming in new versions, and fans will be thrilled with additions. One of these is Sporting trim. The highlight of this model will be a new concept of infotainment and connectivity. Air conditioning, radio, ABS, power, are areas where Fiat introduces improvements. In the last couple of years, Italian carmaker had ups and downs, and we believe this model will bring nothing but good stuff. With Toro and Argo, this model could make a big impact in the South American market. Also, drivers in Mexico will be happy to see this hatchback in their country.

Fiat Uno Sporting

Fiat Uno Sporting design

Uno is one of the models that made Fiat famous. The subcompact car is one of the most economical vehicles ever. But now, Fiat Uno Sporting is nothing we expect from this name. Aggressive and bold, the car is modern and attractive to buyers. We are not seeing the boxy look again. This hatch is presenting new curves and lines. Honestly, this is much prettier vehicle than original Uno. Another reason behind the rise of the popularity is the usage of aluminum and carbon fiber. These are light materials, but also very durable and reliable in modern days.

Fiat Uno Sporting interior

Fiat Uno Sporting engine

The Fiat Uno Sporting uses 1.4-l petrol engine, ready to offer 85 hp. Power goes to front wheels through a 5-speed transmission. It is a manual box, while we will see automatic as optional. All-wheel drive is not coming for Sporting hatchback. While other cars from Fiat an has an alternative in 1.3-l petrol and diesel drivetrains, this hatchback will have only one unit under its hood.

Fiat Uno Sporting rear

Fiat Uno Sporting details

Interior of the Fiat Uno Sporting will offer various features to boost overall impression. While 15-inch wheels are the highlight of exterior styling, we can’t choose only one inside. There is air conditioning system, electric mirrors, and some warning features. The last is going to improve the safety. With the new model, we will see a Live On feature for the first time in Fiat vehicles. This is a unique application which allows safe and easy connectivity to a smartphone.

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