Fiat Urban Cross

The Fiat Urban Cross is the new SUV. It will use the same platform as 500 model while having some differences in output and fuel economy. However, the idea remains the same. First of all, Italian carmaker will launch stylish and elegant vehicle. Same importance has superb fuel economy, which makes their products more alluring. If we look at these numbers, then Fiat is one of the leaders in the class. However, buyers are demanding in each area, so vehicle must offer a nice amount of power and smooth ride. Finally, safety is important, although all products of Italian carmaker are visually appealing.

Fiat Urban Cross

Fiat Urban Cross engine

This crossover is very interesting because of the many options it offers. There are four combinations of fuel option, gearbox, and engines. First of all, we can choose between diesel and petrol drivetrain. Base units are coming with a 1.4-l gasoline unit. This engine is capable of delivering 140 hp. On the other hand, there is diesel. Displacement is 1.3-l, with the ability to burst 90 hp. Nevertheless, the advantage of the diesel engine is a higher level of torque. Only one transmission box is there for both units. It is 5-speed manual, which is routing power to front wheels.

Fiat Urban Cross dashboard

Fiat Urban Cross fuel economy

The Fiat Urban Cross is one of the most fuel friendly crossovers out in the market. It can go 20 km/l, which is around 47 mpg, or 5 l/100km. These are some serious numbers, which can only match a handful of models in the same segment. This is the number for combined driving of diesel version. Petrol unit still keeps these numbers very high, but it is slightly under its sibling. Riding on gasoline model, Urban Cross can respond with 17 km/l.

Fiat Urban Cross rear

Fiat Urban Cross design and competition

First of all, the Fiat Urban Cross is a 5-seater. Although being compact SUV, its passengers have enough head- and leg-room. Also, Urban Cross keeps some space for the cargo area. Whoever doesn’t like this model will see that Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is more expensive. Also, critics are not going to find a match in mpg rating on the Ford EcoSport model. Fiat’s SUV is one of the best versatile compact crossovers out in the market.

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